Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Eats

Are You Supposed to Tip Uber Eats

In this day and age you can grab your smart phone and have pretty much anything that you want delivered to your doorstep.  You can get food, groceries, electronics or just your daily essentials.  Life has gotten pretty convenient!  The hardest part of this convenience is figuring out if you should tip and how much that tip should be.  Most of us who eat at restaurants regularly are used to tipping between 15-20%, but is that what we should tip delivery drivers?

Tipping and Delivery

Many apps you use to get food delivered have delivery and service fees built in, that makes the whole caper not only expensive but confusing too.  Many customers think that these delivery fees go to the driver or that they are in effect a tip.  The reality is quite different; in most cases the driver won’t see a penny of that money.  Here is a look at some tipping guidelines.

Setting the Standard

The founder of the site Grubhub made a Facebook post awhile back which advises on what you should tip delivery people who are bringing you takeout.  He’s a big fan of tipping drivers and understands that these guys pretty much rely on tips to get by.  He recommended that you should tip 20% or $5, whichever is the higher of the two.  You should also be rather generous if someone is risking life and limb to bring you a cheeseburger or a pizza in the middle of a blizzard.

Uber Eats and Others

Many delivery services will indicate on their website that tipping is neither necessary nor is it required.  While they are doing this to encourage consumers to use their app and services it is rather unfair to the drivers working there.  However, delivery people don’t exactly enjoy getting “stiffed”.  They have to deal with the danger of getting mugged, driving in inclement weather, traffic and cranky customers for no tips at all.  Many consumers are perfectly comfortable tipping the local pizza guy they won’t necessarily tip the gentleman from Uber Eats.

Uber Eats and some of the other delivery services have made the tipping option available, after years of drivers asking for the option to be included in payment services.  Now as to whether you should tip or not, even Emily Post agrees that you should tip and it should be based on the size of the order and how difficult getting to your door is for the driver.   Just like wait staff at your local restaurant, delivery drivers rely on tips to survive. Consider this – if you are delivering food to night shift nurses and would you expect them to tip you day after day? It’s a rhetorical question but one worth thinking about in our opinion.

How Taxi Companies Can Combat Apps like Uber

Not in all cities will law enforcement keep applications like Uber from operating.  To most taxi companies, such services are a full front against fair commerce and trade.  They do not find it fair nor convenient that, while they have to pay service fees, taxes, and registrations they get competition from a business that operates only through an online jurisdiction.

They seem to be correct about it.  It really does not sound so fair.  But business is business, some might say.  If we were to go with that expression, we have to say that, in a capitalistic world, it is completely true.

Now, if taxi companies are hoping for their governments to do something about it, they must know that these type of legislations can take many months in order for them to take effect if any.  So, it comes down to taxi companies to make their businesses prosper even when they have to compete against such online companies.

Here are some ideas on what can taxi companies do to stay afloat obsoletely over a sea of innovation.

Earn a Better Reputation

One thing that taxi companies have to their favor is the fact that apps like Uber and Lyft are not necessarily trustworthy.  Plus, since they are not really regulated, there can be some legal effects associated with it.

Being heavily regulated, taxi companies should claim their exclusive right to transport people as they are paying to be allowed to do so.  In other words, taxi companies should use that exclusiveness the system provides to get a better reputation.

This begins by making some regulations to their policy.  Generate ideas that offer clients a better service.  This is what competition is about, doing things better than them.  If the competition improves what we did, we improve more.

Innovate with Technology

The thing about Uber and Lyft is that they use high-tech and put it in the palm of people’s hands.  This is because these online corporations are usually founded by the man with the tech.

But taxi companies cannot stay behind. There was this initiative last year by Yellow Cab from San Diego to place a yellow button in places that usually require a taxi. Every time somebody from these places needs a ride, all they need to do is press the button and Yellow Cab would send a unit.

An application for services offered would be great.  The system would be like Uber and Lyft, but they would be using the legally established service for transportation.   If you need to develop such app, there is an App Development Vancouver company who would be happy to work with.