3 Reasons Your Taxi Business Needs to Build an App

3 Reasons Your Taxi Business Needs to Build an App

While apps are fairly new in the grand scheme of things, most of us use them in our daily lives.  We use them for banking, playing games, keeping track of steps and now taxi businesses are using them too.  No more do you have to call a cab, wait on hold and sit around just waiting for the cab to show up.  Now you can use an app on your phone and track the cab as it makes its way to you.  If your taxi company doesn’t have an app yet, here are 3 reasons your taxi business needs to build an app.

Build Your Brand

An app is one of the quickest ways of marketing and promoting your brand with your existing clients and any prospective clients.  Make no mistake, a mobile app will directly influence your brand.  Taxi businesses are no different.  A mobile app is great for marketing and marketing is always good for business.  The degree of exposure you will get once your app goes live on Google and Apple.  Users are constantly on the lookout for new apps.

Engage Your Customers

Having a mobile app gives you the opportunity to invite new clients to give your business a try.  Everyone carries a smart phone and having a mobile app makes it much easier to allow your customers to use your services.  It allows you to easily reach new customers as they download and use the app.  They will have the ability to use the app to hail a taxi and track the car’s progress as it is on the way to pick up the customer.  Once your customers have downloaded your app, you can use push notifications to advise them of promos and specials.  For instance if you are offering a special on airport runs, send notifications to your customers letting them know.

It is a Direct Pipeline to Customers

Your app will put you in constant communication with your customers, you can send and receive direct messages along with feedback through the app interface.  It is a pretty cool and convenient method of communication.  When your customers need a cab, especially during rush hour the wait can be 30 minutes or more.  Waiting that long may mean they call another taxi company or one of the ride sharing services.  This is where your app comes in handy, you can prioritize passengers using the app and the app will allow them to track the car and exactly how long it will be to pick them up.

Modern technology is here so you might as well embrace it and make it work for you, your competition definitely will.  These are just some of the reasons that your taxi company needs to get a mobile app especially if you want your business to grow.

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